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Buttery Games Floop Demo and LUMEN Update!!!

Hey everyone! Been a while so thought it'd be nice to do some catching up.

We haven't forgot about you or LUMEN - but we took a bit of time to finish our side game, Floop's Big House Adventure. And it's almost done! If you just care about LUMEN then scroll to the bottom - we've got something new for you too.

On February 1st we'll be sending out a link to the first level of Floop for all our discord and website subscribers - we want to hear what you think before we release it! The demo will be for PC, but the full game will release on mobile as well.

Floop's Big House Adventure is a top down roguelite wave based shoot em up. Collect new guns from fallen enemies and find items to power you up! Each play through will unlock new guns and items to collect.

Every 10 rounds a boss monster will appear. Defeat him to clear the level and progress to the next round. Bosses will get progressively tougher, so make sure you stock up on good items before hand.

Do you have what it takes to beat Angry Moe?

One of the monsters hasn't come to destroy Floop's house - not in the conventional way at least. This is Treasure Bob, a monster who has taken up residence in your boiler room.

He's done you a favour by uhh.. collecting all the things from your house. Use these to gain better stats and unique effects to help you out in the defense.

We plan on adding more levels, guns, items, and effects after the game is released. Since its a roguelite we plan to use this as a base and keep adding!

As promised from the beginning, Floop's Big House Adventure is absolutely free! If you want to support us, cosmetic only costumes will be available for purchase in the Floop's Costume shop. Everyone will get some for free just by playing!

As mentioned before we have not forgotten about LUMEN - just the opposite in fact. We'll reveal more details when we send the demo link, but here's the teaser:

Along with this new update we've been hard at work making new levels, bosses, enemies, and more. We hope to release a new lumen demo showing off the big changes we've made and the new areas we've added.

As always thanks for being a part of this with us, we hope you'll try out the Floop's Big House Adventure next week! We want to hear from you :)


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