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LUMEN Progress, Call for Feedback!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hey everyone! Been a while since our last blog 1 Year of Gamdev, and Making Games Should be Fun so it seems about time for an update.

Before getting into things - we are releasing our pre-demo feedback test on PC this week, February 29th!! Subscribe on our website below or head to our discord to sign up and chat with our developers. We’d love to hang with you! If you've already done so, even better, and we appreciate you a tonne. You'll be receiving a download link as soon as its ready.

To celebrate we'll be doing a release stream on February 28th around 7pm EST. See you there!

A lot has been changing for us, both in LUMEN and otherwise. Unfortunately some of these changes meant some delays for LUMEN but we are still going strong!

It’s been 2 years of working on LUMEN as a hobby project for us now, and this has included 3 major refactors, 2 major art updates, dozens of Player Controllers and tonnes of blood sweat and tears. And it has now resulted in us having a demo we are proud of.

This is where you come in - before we actually release our demo we’d like to get some more eyes/hands testing things and breaking everything possible. If you are interested see the links above.

What have we been up to in LUMEN otherwise? As previously mentioned we have gone through 3 major refactors, which meant that we remade the game from the ground up 3 times over. With LUMEN being our first ever game this was all part of the process.

We are now in a very good place moving forward, all of our major systems have been addressed and at least prototyped, we have decided on our art style that will shape the rest of the games areas, and more importantly we have discovered what we want LUMEN to be.

We have a definitive direction and identity. LUMEN will be a metroidvania heavily focused on customization, meaning different weapons, spells, and relics - an enchantment system that allows you to play how you want to. Our map will feature large impressive zones filled with plenty of side challenges and collectables that encourage different play styles to complete.

If our game interests you and you want to have a part in our journey subscribe below on our website or head to our discord. Doing either of these will grant you access to our pre-demo feedback test launching next month.

We are really excited to finally get people playing and testing our game, and look forward to your feedback!

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon.


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