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About Buttery Games

The Smoothest Games Out There

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Buttery Games is a recently formed indie game development studio from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. We are a group of childhood friends who are now living out our passion of creating exciting video games. We maintain a strict philosophy that making games is all about having a good time!


We are currently working on Lumen: Lost Passages, a 2D nonlinear action game that follows Lumen, The Soul Warden, and his journey to find his way back home to the Underworld. 

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The Buttery Team

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The captain, Craig is the lead game designer and director of Buttery Games. He currently works as an electrical engineer but really just wants to make games for a living! He’s been playing games since he can remember, and realized his passion for game design after spending 100’s of hours building levels in Mario Maker.


Currently playing: Paper Mario, Thousand Year Door

Favourite game: Pokemon Gold


The grounding force of Buttery Games, Dylan maintains one philosophy: gameplay over everything. He is a software engineer who moved to France after finishing his degree, and currently works remotely on Lumen as the lead programmer.  Dylan hopes to build upon the numerous gaming titles that he enjoyed as a kid, drawing inspiration from many of these. He is eager to develop new mechanics, offer fresh concepts and give back to a community that has already given him so much.


Currently Playing: achievement hunting in Starcraft 2, building up the nerve for a steel soul Hollow Knight playthrough.

Favourite Game: Metroid Fusion/Zero Mission



Tattoo artist by day and lead Lumen artist by night, Spencer can almost always be found drawing a new concept piece for whatever comes to mind. He specializes in traditional 2D drawing and animation.

Currently playing: World of Warcraft way too much.

Favourite game: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones


Dylan is Buttery Games concept artist. He specializes in anything horror, having seen practically every horror movie ever made. Although he is not a big gamer, he loves coming up with concepts for anything we need. He wants nothing more than to bring his monsters to life, drawing from childhood inspirations such as Freddy Krueger and Creature from the Black Lagoon.


Currently Playing: DK Country forever

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Andrew - Bio_edited.png


Filmmaker and Lumen game designer, Andrew is the go to guy to talk about story, characters, and anything world design. He works as a documentary editor and is pursuing a career in directing and writing. In 1999, Andrew got his first gameboy with a Pokemon Yellow game from his parents. Since then, getting lost in a new world became his favourite pastime, and he continues to do so in dreaming up his next big script, or making music videos with his friends.

Currently Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Favourite Game: Zelda, Ocarina of Time

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